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Sicilian puppet operas 

The puppet theater-museum of the Opra of Acireale, created entirely by the puppeteer Turi Grasso and his family, has represented a great historical-cultural heritage for the city of Acireale in recent decades.

Unique in its kind, the theater-museum brings together the best works created by Turi in his fifty years of activity, together with precious puppets and relics from the late nineteenth century, Catanese-style backdrops, heads and theatrical scenography from the puppet theater of Acireale.

Visited by thousands of tourists, students, and enthusiasts of Sicilian traditions, the puppet theater of maestro Turi Grasso is certainly to be considered a corner of history and true art, as well as a window on our Sicilian nature.

The large theatrical scenes, the posters presenting the episodes of the History of the Paladins, the puppets, the stage curtain, the stage with its control desk, typical of the Acireale tradition, the large fresco of San Michele Arcangelo, fully and long live the work and the work that the only puppeteer operating in Acireale wanted to achieve for himself, for his family and for his Acireale.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend an ancient Sicilian show or entertainment recognized as a UNESCO intangible heritage site, which will not fail to entertain the little ones as well as the older ones.

A dive into honor and chivalric values.


Can be organized every Thursday and Friday in the months of: June, July, August and September.


Possibility of transfers to/from the holiday home where you are staying

Etna North summit craters 

The route is suitable for those with a strong desire to walk. The route, rich in volcanic features, initially involves transport with our 4x4 vehicles up to an altitude of 2930 metres. From this point begins a 4km climb on foot along a path surrounded by volcanic bombs and waste, with a total height difference of 370 meters up to the edge of Etna's Central Crater, at 3300 meters above sea level. The descent will take place on soft scoria and volcanic ash until we reach our 4×4 vehicles, which will take us back to Piano Provenzana, the arrival point of our excursion. The excursion involves a total of 4 kilometers of walking (round trip) for 3.5 hours, perfectly suitable for those who are used to regularly hiking in the mountains.


Details and route:

Total distance: 24 km (may vary)

Trekking: Total distance 4 KM (may vary)

Maximum altitude reached: 3300 m.

Minimum altitude reached: 1800 m.

Difference in altitude: 1500 meters (may vary)

Difficulty: HIKER (These trails are recommended for experienced hikers. They may vary in length but are more physically demanding).


Uphill distance: 2 km


Included in the cost of the excursion:


Licensed volcanological guide

Jeep 4×4 (one way)

Trekking poles

Protective helmets

Injury insurance


Possibility of transfer to/from the holiday home you have booked

Etna North 3000mt at sunset 

Etna 3000 at Sunset starts from Piano Provenzana and reaches the North-East Crater at 2900 meters above sea level (where the volcano observatory is located). From this point the climb begins on foot until you reach the panoramic point at 2900 meters above sea level. There we will stop to admire the grandeur, uniqueness and processes of the volcanic environment, combined with the spectacle of the panorama enjoyed from the roof of Sicily.


Route details:

Scheduled departure: 3 days a week

Total kilometers (round trip): 25 km (may vary).

Maximum altitude reached: 2900 metres.

Minimum altitude reached: 1800 m.

Positive altitude: 1100 meters (may vary).


Difficulty: VERY EASY


Recommended clothing: the mountains require specific clothing and accessories. trekking shoes and a windbreaker are recommended (they can also be rented in Piano Provenzana).


 possibility of transfer to/from the holiday home where you are staying

Craters Etna North 3000mt 

Etna 3000 starts from Piano Provenzana, you reach an altitude of 2,900 meters along a high mountain path with off-road vehicles, created among suggestive expanses of lava and volcanic sand along the fracture that opened during the 2002 eruption. Continuing the excursion with our off-road vehicles up to 2,840 meters above sea level, we reach the volcanological observatory of Pizzi Deneri. From this point the climb begins on foot along a path surrounded by volcanic waste and bombs. The total climb is 300 meters until you reach a panoramic point at 2,900 meters above sea level. In good weather, it is possible to see both the Leone and Bove valleys, as well as the majesty of the North-East and South-East craters.


Route details:

Scheduled departure: Every day

Total kilometers (round trip): 25 km (may vary)

Maximum altitude reached: 2900 metres.

Minimum altitude reached: 1800 m.

Positive altitude: 1100 m (may vary)


Difficulty: EASY (Excursion generally suitable for all those who love walking. Mostly flat or with a slight slope).


Recommended clothing: the mountains require specific clothing and accessories. Trekking shoes and wind jackets are recommended (which can also be rented in Piano Provenzana).


Possibility of transfer to/from the holiday home where you are staying

Wine, chees and oil Tastings in the villa 

From now on it is possible to organize exceptional tastings directly at the holiday home where you are located. You will be able to taste Sician excellence at the lowest possible cost.

The basic tasting includes:

  • 2 red wines (Etna Rosso DOC, Nerelo Mascalese)
  • 3 typical cheeses (Piacentinu Ennese DOP, Provola Ragusana, Tuma Canziata)
  • 1 type of extra virgin olive oil (nocellara dell'Etna) served on slices of traditional semolina bread, lightly toasted and embellished with oregano from Etna
  • Dried and fresh fruit

Everything will be delivered directly to you. It is possible to order additional cheese of the types proposed above.

The Piacentinu Ennese

Enna's Piacentinu appears on the scene in the 4th century when it was mentioned by Gallo, a well-known historian of the time, who took the trouble to describe the salting and addition of saffron and black pepper phases. This temporal position would rightfully place it among the oldest cheeses in the entire Italian dairy panorama were it not for the fact that another legend would move its date of birth to a less distant era, namely 1090.
In fact, legend has it that Roger the Norman, in full concern for the depressive crisis that his wife Adelasia was experiencing, asked the cheesemakers in the area to guess the preparation of a cheese with thaumaturgical properties. Since it was known that "Crocus sativus" or saffron had such abilities, the cheesemakers agreed to immerse it in the curd to obtain a cheese the color of gold and with great energizing powers.

In 2013, the Enna Piacentinu, which had already obtained the Designation of Origin, became part of the products protected by the slow food presidium. This entry took place in conjunction with the world dairy event in Bra (CN) and aims to continue producing this very historic cheese without abandoning the original traditional techniques which maintain its incredible structure as well as the peculiar unique exudation, in favor of mechanization and loss of quality.


Provola Ragusana

Provola Ragusana is born from the natural pastures of the Ibleo Plateau, rich in spontaneous fodder essences, a fresh stretched curd cheese with a sweet taste and typical pear shape.
This is one of the oldest cheeses on the island, as abbot Paolo Balsamo testified already in 1808 in his «Journey made in Sicily and particularly in the County of Modica».
This document tells of a thriving dairy tradition of cheeses and ricotta.
Provola Ragusana has been included among the historic Sicilian cheeses, subject to protection from the risk of extinction with Ministerial Decree of 18 July 2000 n. 130.


La Tuma Canziata (lost)

From the Sicilian slang "Tuma Canziata", as the cheese produced the day before the transhumance was put aside.
The story is that of a cheese that was already produced many centuries ago, but which disappeared from the Sicilian gastronomic panorama for about a century. The last documents that talk about it date back to 1930, and more precisely to a list of cheeses produced in Sicily drawn up by Alberto Romolotti, which also described the production process. “Tuma perduta” read the text, recalling a peculiar cheese from the island that was no longer known at the time.
The cheese that was produced on the last day was placed on wooden planks in the ancient limestone farmhouses, and remained on site without being removed until the flock returned to the site to find it full of mold and with almost no salt. Today the same conditions as in the past have been created to obtain the same results that the shepherds obtained.
The Tuma Canziata has a straw yellow colour, the cooked texture is compact, the rind is slightly covered in mould, and is not edible.




Alcantara gorge quad excursion 

This Quad excursion in the Alcantara Valley is the ideal activity for those who love motors, adventure and want contact with nature. With this tour riding a quad motorbike it will take you to discover the off-road paths near the Alcantara Gorges, the secondary roads of the village of Francavilla di Sicilia and you will be able to see the breathtaking landscape of this part of Sicily. During the excursion we will cross a stream and pass at the foot of the medieval village of Castiglione di Sicilia through a series of dirt mule tracks where you can enjoy all the power of your Quad's engine. Remember that up to two people can ride on the Quad at a time and they can take turns driving.

The departure of this quad excursion starts from the car park of the Botanical and Geological Park of the Alcantara Gorges. Here you can park, use the bathroom or use the bar. The guides will give you a briefing before leaving, they will explain how to safely drive a quad, they will provide you with a helmet and tell you the route you will follow. During the quad tour lasting one hour and thirty minutes, you will drive along the country paths of the Alcantara Gorges and the Valley.


    Departures from 9 a.m.
    Two people per Quad;
    Duration 1 hour

How Should I Dress?
Closed shoes and clothing suitable for the season, we recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses.

What should I bring?
 I recommend you bring a backpack and your driving license.


                                                          Possibility of transfer to/from the holiday home you have booked

Snorkeling tour Taormina 

With an unmissable four-hour snorkeling tour we will take you to discover the waters of the Gulf of Giardini Naxos, Cape Taormina and the Faraglione del Fico d'India. With our scuba diving and snorkeling excursions you can visit the beach of Mazzarò and enjoy an aperitif and fruit with a view of the splendid Bay of Sirens. Along the boat tour we will anchor at the Isola Bella of Taormina and you will have the opportunity to take a bath, swim and with mask and fins explore the turquoise waters of the most enchanting sea in Sicily. Unmissable tour for snorkeling enthusiasts. The price of this snorkeling tour includes: mask, fins, neoprene wetsuit, drinks and almond pastries.

The first excursion leaves at 10:00 in the morning, the second at 3:30 in the afternoon. The first stop for swimming and snorkeling will be in the turquoise sea of ​​the Isola Bella marine park in Taormina, not far from the Blue Grotto, an icon of the Taormina marine landscape. Once back on board you will be served fruit and a refreshing drink. The second bay to which we will take you on this relaxing boat tour in the sea of ​​Taormina will be that of Mazzarò, which hosts an enchanting beach immersed in a typical Mediterranean landscape. Next we will go as far as the Sirens bay, where the curious Elephant rock is located. On your return you will have the opportunity to pick up your mask and fins to enjoy a second dive in the bay of Giardini Naxos, not far from the suggestive lovers' cave with the splendid view of Etna.


    Naxos Bay;
    Cape Taormina;
    Blue Cave;
    Beautiful island;
    Bay of Sirens
    Elephant Rock;


  • Departure from Giardini Naxos.
  • Daily Tour.
  • First tour at 9.30am.
  • Second 3.30pm.
  • Duration 3 hours.
Boat tour Taormina and Isola Bella 

Embark on a relaxing boat ride along the coast of Taormina. You will leave from the Giardini Naxos port, you will sail through the enchanting landscape of the Isola Bella nature reserve, to the Blue Grotto, in the most beautiful turquoise sea in Sicily, ideal for snorkelling. During the two hours on the boat we will stop to take a dip in the fantastic bay of Mazzarò, you will taste some almond pastries and a refreshing drink. We will visit the most beautiful caves and bays in Sicily with a relaxing day full of sun and fun in the blue Mediterranean sea.

Excursion details

Our boat excursions to Taormina set sail from the port of Giardini Naxos. The first stage immediately takes you to discover the enchanting lovers' cave and the picturesque promontory of Capo Taormina. The second bay we will visit, the beautiful island of Taormina, is home to the enchanting Blue Grotto. Here we will anchor for a stop; while you take a swim you will receive an aperitif and some almond pastries.  Following this, the boat trip along the Taormina coast will pass by the wonderful Mazzarò beach. Our boat trip continues to the Mermaid Bay, famous for its turquoise waters and the beauty of its coral-rich seabed. On the return, the captain will sail along the four bays and will make you relax and enjoy the view of Taormina with Etna in the background, before returning to the port of Giardini Naxos.


  • Navigation in the bay of Giardini Naxos;
  • Blue Grotto of Taormina;
  • Prickly pear stack;
  • Cave of lovers;
  • Isolabella Taormina:
  • Mazzarò Bay;
  • Bay of Sirens;


    Departure from Giardini Naxos.
    Duration two hours.
    Drinks on board.
    Bathing stop at Isola Bella.
    Four bays are visited.


How many people will be on board?
Our boats carry from a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 10.

What Happens In Case Of Bad Weather?
In case of adverse weather conditions the tour will be canceled and you will not be charged any costs

Can I have a private boat? How Much Does a Private Tour Cost?
Upon request we also organize private tours for couples and groups of friends. The price for the private tour is €290 for up to 10 people then each extra person pays €29.


Upon request, transfer to and from the house you have booked

High altitude Etna with unimog 4x4 

The excursion begins at an altitude of 1,923 meters at the departure station of the Etna cable car.
Aboard a modern cable car you can reach the mountain station at 2,500 meters in just a few minutes (alternatively, the route is carried out with 4x4 buses). The scenery of incomparable beauty that opens up to the view at this altitude can also be enjoyed from the panoramic terrace of the bar, in fact you can admire the summit craters on one side and the sea of ​​Catania on the other. From here, on board the special 4x4 buses, you reach the maximum altitude allowed by the competent authorities in the summit area. As required by current legislation, the excursion continues accompanied by certified volcanological mountain guides.

Included with the excursion is a snack offered at the refreshment point of the Etna cable car.
Hiking jackets and boots can be rented on site.

Opening: 8.30am
Last ascent by cable car: 4.45pm
Last descent by cable car: 5.15 pm
Last climb “Tour Alta Quota”: 3.15 pm

Upon request it is possible to pick you up directly from the holiday home you have booked and take you to the location and then pick you up.


Questions and answers

How should I dress?
At any time of the year you must wear long trousers. Always bring a sweatshirt or jacket. We will provide you with shoes and poles

Are there any restrictions for some customers?
Yes, heart patients and asthmatics cannot take part in this excursion.

Additional services to the excursion

  •     Upon request it is possible to pick you up directly from the holiday home you have booked and take you to the location and then pick you up.
  •     Possibility to have lunch at the well-known "La Cantoniera" restaurant
Via Calderai, 109 95014 Giarre (CATANIA) ITALIA